8 Reasons for Excessive Brake Pedal Travel

Excessive brake pedal travel can not only be annoying in any driving situation but it also impacts performance and represents a potential safety risk.    The top 8 causes of excessive brake pedal travel are…

  1. The master cylinder is mounted lower than the calipers
  2. Flex from a low quality brake caliper is causing excess travel during clamping
  3. Air is trapped in the brake fluid
  4. The master cylinder is too small
  5. The brake pedal ratio is too high
  6. The brake calipers are not mounted square to the brake rotors
  7. Spindle deflection is causing piston knock-back
  8. Warped braked rotors are pushing the pistons back

If you are experiencing excessive brake pedal travel, have a technichian take a look at it right away.

By The Brake Man Posted in Tech